1. What exactly is Sankalan?

    Sankalan is the annual technical festival of Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi. The fest blends a plethora of events including coding, quizzes, gaming, debates and a lot more events, it has something in store for everyone. It is entirely organised by the DUCS student body. To know more about it, please visit our about page.
  2. When is Sankalan 2020 scheduled?

    Sankalan 2020 will be organized in the Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi on 15th and 16th February, 2020. Some events will be taking place before the fest as well. Please checkout our events page for more details.
  3. Who can participate?

    Sankalan is a blend of technical as well as non-technical events. Go through the events list to find your pick.
  4. Can I get a schedule of all the events to be held at Sankalan 2020?

    Yes, you can find a list of all the events at our events page with detailed description.
  5. Will non-Computer Science students be able to participate in the non-tech events?

    Yes, you are more than welcome to participate in non-tech events. They are open to all, doesn't matter if your background is CS or not.
  6. Is there online registration for events?

    Yes, you need to get registered online in order to participate in the events of Sankalan. You can register here.
  7. How should I reach Department of Computer Science?

    Get directions on Google Maps.
    If you're coming from distance, reaching GTB Nagar Metro Station or Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station and then taking an e-rickshaw might be a good option for you.
    If you've trouble finding the venue location, you may look for following landmarks: Daulat Ram College, Shri Ram College or Faculty of Mathematical Sciences/Social Sciences.
  8. What's new in Sankalan this year?

    We revamped Sankalan 2020 for more fun, more activities so that no one goes empty handed, rest assured you’ll leave with great memories. For so much to be arranged, it definitely deserves it’s own page. See What's new in Sankalan 2020.
  9. I have a question that was not answered here. What do I do?

    You can drop your queries at sankalan@ducs.in.
    You can also send a message on our Facebook page: fb.com/ducs.sankalan
    We have also provided event specific details and contacts on their respective pages.